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Kevin Horsham/Jack Vogwill
   Actor from
' Game of Thrones '



Mimi and Chaz Singh on a visit to 
the FCR Studio


Andy Valentine with a guest on a 
outside broadcast live from Bristol



Mr. Steven Medlin 
and the world famous
DJ Liz Kershaw at The Community Media Assoc 40th Annivsery Leicester 2023



Mark Truman and former
Divisional Commander South
Devon Fire Service
Mr. Mike Blake


Justin Collick - The Devil's Playground:
A Tale of Broken Dreams.

Justin Collick visits FCR in Plymouth to promote his new book, it was great to have him in the studio for Mark and Steve to interview him.

Justin Collick had it all, a raw talent, a future in professional football, and the adoration of his hometown. A promising footballer at a young age, Justin's trajectory seemed set for stardom. But as he grew up, his involvement with the rowdy world of football hooliganism grew, overshadowing his potential and pulling him into a life far removed from the green fields of his youth.
His promising career derailed , Justin turns to the illicit drug trade to survive. When he stumbles upon a hidden treasure trove of marijuana, he believes he found a ticket to a better life. Instead, it becomes a curse, entangling him in a dangerous web of criminal activity and putting him on the radar ruthless dealers and the law.
The weight of his choices and the increasing paranoia from his own drug use lead Justin to a mental breakdown . he finds himself in a mental hospital, grappling with the fragments of his shattered dreams and the violence of the past. surrounded by the stark reality his new surroundings. Justin faces a critical choice: succumb to his demons or fight for a second chance at the life he once envisioned.
The Devils' Playground is a harrowing tale of talent wasted and the dark allure of street life. It explores themes of lost dreams, the harsh consequences of addiction, and the arduous journey towards redemption. Through Justin's story, readers witness the highs and lows of a man torn between the glories of his youth and the grim reality he must overcome.

Now available on Amazon and Kindle

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